More Sparklematic Action

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NeutralMore Sparklematic Action
Start Sparklematic 5200
End Sparklematic 5200
Level 30 (Requires 25)
Type Dungeon
Rewards  [Sparklematic-Wrapped Box]
Repeatable Yes
Previous N [30D] The Sparklematic 5200!

This is the repeatable version of The Sparklematic 5200!.


The Sparklematic 5200 is empty, awaiting a grime-encrusted object to clean and three silver coins to start!


The Sparklematic 5200 comes to life, lurching to and fro. Inside, the helpless grime that has encrusted the object placed within it is being pulverized by the machine's gnomish cleaning agent.

The Sparklematic 5200 comes to a halt, heralded by a familiar "ding!" The item receptacle of the machine spirals open, revealing a neatly wrapped box.


You will receive:


  1. N [30D] The Sparklematic 5200!
  2. N [30D] The Sparklematic 5200!
  3. N [30D] More Sparklematic Action (repeatable)

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