Mossy Fate

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HordeMossy Fate

93 (Requires 92)




Item level 525 belts
18g 90s


H [93] The Razorbloom


H [93] Cutter


Search for Torg Earkeeper, Meka the Face Chewer, and Chag the Noseless in Bloodthorn Bloom.


Your wolf queen will not let me out of her sight.

The children of the magnaron may have destroyed my village but it was the children of the genesaur who took my people.

The botani and their minions drag our people to the Razorbloom, and if we see them again, it is not as they were in life.

You have already helped the Skulls, so I ask your help again.

Enter the Razorbloom and search for my people that were recently taken.

Perhaps they may even be alive.


You will receive one of:

Item level 525 belts
Inv plate draenorquest90 b 01belt.png [Foundry-Fired Plate Girdle] Inv belt cloth draenorquest90 b 01.png [Steamburst Cord]
Inv mail draenorquest90 b 01belt.png [Wildwood Wrangler Belt] Inv belt leather draenorquest90 b 01.png [Steamburst Cord]

You will also receive: 18g 90s


Dead? All dead? Dead and mulched and forgotten. No Chag with his missing nose or Meka with her love for chewing faces.

And Torg, my beloved Torg. A son we had together. A son that is still missing.

The botani will pay for this. They will burn for this.


  • 14100 XP


Pick up H [93] The Infested before heading out.

Start killing Infested Orcs and Infested Behemoths. The three named orcs are marked on the minimap on the edge of the central pond.


  1. A [93] Deeproot / H [93] The Razorbloom
  2. Complete all of:
    • Finding the infected:
    1. A [93] The Razorbloom / H [93] Mossy Fate
    2. B [93] The Voice of Iyu
  3. A [93] Dark Iron Down / H [93] Cutter
  4. Complete both:
  5. A [93] Do the Dew / H [94] Secrets of the Botani
  6. B [94] The Life Spring
  7. A [94] A Heavy Helping Hand / H [94] Thieving Dwarves
  8. Complete all of:
  9. B [92] Iyu
  10. B [92] Power of the Genesaur

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