Mound of Dirt (Timeless Isle)

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For other uses, see Mound of Dirt.

First Mound of Dirt at Red Stone Run
Second Mound of Dirt at Three-Breeze Terrace

Mounds of Dirt hide answers for the first and second of Rolo's Riddles.

The first clue reads: "On the isle of time are tall men four Round and strong and nothing more Of these brothers the shortest be Where the trail leads to me."

At the southwestern end of the Red Stone Run are four circular pillars in decreasing height leading from the Firewalker Ruins to a Gleaming Treasure Chest on top of the fourth pillar. At the base of that pillar at [49.4, 69.4] near the tree is a Mound of Dirt. The quest will not complete until players are within a few yards of it.

The second clue reads: "Somewhere hope stands, wings held forth From its feet turn to the north Pass beyond an ancient gate Behind a stone pair, I await."

Hope references Chi-Ji, and the Chi-Ji statue is on the northwestern side of the Celestial Court. Due north of Chi-Ji's statue is the gate leading to the Three-Breeze Terrace. At the northern end of the terrace behind two rock formations at [34.6, 26.7] is the second Mound of Dirt.


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