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Mountainfoot Miner

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HordeMountainfoot Miner
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Gender Both
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 10
Health 323
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Bilgewater Cartel
Occupation Miner
Location Mountainfoot Strip Mine‎, Azshara

Mountainfoot Miners are goblin miners of the Bilgewater Cartel employed by Horzak Zignibble to work in the Mountainfoot Strip Mine‎ of Azshara, where they are in danger of being turned to stone by basilisks. Horzak pondered the possibilty of selling the stonified miners, but comes to the conclusion that in the end the poor quality stone would get him less money than re-fleshifying his employees to do their normal job.


  • Refleshified - Recently refleshified... and looking a little worse for the wear.

Objective of


  • Give that man a raise!
  • Give that woman a raise!
  • I can still clock in for the time I was petrified, right?
  • I quit, I QUIT!
  • I'm outta here...
  • No job is worth this!
  • That was surprisingly restful.
  • The nightmare is over!
  • I'm free!

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