Mounting Up

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AllianceMounting Up

75 (Requires 73)




5g 90s


Ride 5 Highland Mustangs back to Squire Percy at the Westfall Brigade Encampment.


Cap'n Stoutmantle left most of our calvary... cavlary... uh, horsemen at the fight for Venture Bay.

We chose a good place to put the camp 'cause there are tons of highland mustangs running around near here and in the Boulder Hills to the northeast. The Cap'n put me in charge of capturing some of 'em.

Will you help? I've got a stick and some string, and there are loads of wild carrots growing near the camp. Pick the carrots and use them with the stick to lure in the mustang, then ride it back here.


You will receive: 5g 90s


Did you get all the mustangs we'll need?


Wow! These sure are good horses! I think the Cap'n will be real pleased with our work.


For each horse you lure to you, you will need one  [Wild Carrot]. Wild carrots are found generally to the southwest of the encampment.

Once you've gathered your carrots, equip the  [Stick]. Then, target a horse, and 'use' the (now equipped) stick. The carrot will fly towards the horse, and the horse will come to you. You automatically mount the horse.

You are then able to move the horse back to Squire Percy. At this point, target Percy and use the "Hand Over Reins" power. Warning: if you use the 'dismount' button, you will not get credit for turning in the horse.

The second ability, 'hoof strike' can reportedly be used to have all nearby horses follow you. If you have a herd follow you, you can much more easily lure and turn in the others that you need.

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