Move Like No Other

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NeutralMove Like No Other

103 - 110 (Requires 103)




16g 60s


N Demon hunter [103 - 110] The Arcane Way


N Demon hunter [103 - 110] Back in Black

Sneaky Imp
"Catch the imp and recover the Grimoire of Arcane Ways!"


Chase down the Sneaky Imp and recover the Grimoire of Arcane Ways.


Sorry about the holographic projection... I literally need to be in two places at once these days.

A holy barrier that protects against fel magic, you say? I have just the thing to bypass it and enable Malevolence's teleport.

<The high elf rummages around in his pack, a shocked look quickly coming over his face.>

Sneaky! Look there... that imp just made off with it!


You will receive:

  • 16g 60s
  • 15,500 XP


Did Archmage Lan'dalock prove useful, <name>?


I'll make sure to give the grimoire to Malevolence so that she can unravel its mysteries.

Meanwhile, we have some Black Temple scouting to conduct.


On accept:

Archmage Lan'dalock says: Demon hunter, that imp just stole the grimoire. Catch it!

Follow the imp down to the main floor.

The demon hunter adventurer chases the imp to the entryway of the Violet Citadel. The imp attempts to escape through a portal, but is interrupted by the adventurer. It continues to flee.
Archmage Khadgar says: An imp? What's going on here, <name>?

Continue to the outside and down the stairs, when suddenly...

Varedis Felsoul says: Do you think we don't know what you're up to, <name>?
Caria Felsoul says: The Illidari believe themselves untouchable. They will soon learn better.

Head to the nearby Wonderworks and inspect a Suspicious-Looking Crate.

Jepetto Joybuzz says: Oh, goodie. A new box of toys!
Green smoke emits from the crate briefly, then the crate moves until it's outside. The imp then leaves the crate and continues running.

Leave the shop and go to the nearby Scribe's Sacellum. The imp will be on your left, trying (and failing) to hide behind the stolen grimoire.

Theresa Wolf says: It's hiding on the shelf. Adorable.
The imp takes off.

Follow it again to the Legerdemain Lounge and go up the stairs to the upper floor. The imp will be outside on the balcony, attempting to escape through a portal.

The adventurer interrupts the escape yet again. The imp jumps down and travels southeast.
Archmage Lan'dalock says: That sneaky imp! It headed southeast and then turned invisible.
Archmage Lan'dalock says: Quickly, <name>, use your spectral sight and see if you can spot it.

Use your class ability to be able to see the imp, which is further southeast and doing a third attempt at a portal escape.

Sneaky Imp says: I'll burn your kneecaps off.
The imp jumps up to an outer ledge above the entrance leading to the Underbelly.

Since you have [Double Jump], use your innate ability to reach the imp after first getting to the top of the nearby archway.

The imp gives up and drops the grimoire in order to get away.

Now that you finally have the book, return to Belath Dawnblade at the Fel Hammer.


Level 98
  1. N Demon hunter [98 - 110] Call of the Illidari
  2. N Demon hunter [98 - 110] The Power to Survive
  3. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  4. N Demon hunter [98 - 110] Eternal Vigil
  5. N Demon hunter [98 - 110] Securing the Way
  6. N Demon hunter [98 - 110] Return to Mardum
  7. N Demon hunter [98 - 110] Unbridled Power
  8. N Demon hunter [98 - 110] Spoils of Victory
  9. N Demon hunter [98 - 110] Cursed Forge of the Nathrezim
  10. N Demon hunter [98 - 110] The Hunter's Gaze
  11. N Demon hunter [98 - 110] Time is of the Essence
  12. N Demon hunter [98 - 110] Direct Our Wrath
Level 101
  1. N Demon hunter [101 - 110] Return to the Fel Hammer (optional)
  2. N Demon hunter [101 - 110] Rise, Champions
  3. N Demon hunter [101 - 110] Things Gaardoun Needs
  4. N Demon hunter [101 - 110] Broken Warriors
  5. N Demon hunter [101 - 110] Loramus, Is That You?
  6. N Demon hunter [101 - 110] Demonic Improvements
  7. N Demon hunter [101 - 110] Additional Accoutrements
Level 103
  1. N Demon hunter [103 - 110] The Blood of Demons
  2. N Demon hunter [103 - 110] Immortal Soul
  3. N Demon hunter [103 - 110] Leader of the Illidari
  4. N Demon hunter [103 - 110] The Arcane Way
  5. N Demon hunter [103 - 110] Move Like No Other
  6. N Demon hunter [103 - 110] Back in Black
  7. N Demon hunter [103 - 110] Confrontation at the Black Temple
  8. Complete all of:
  9. Complete all of:
Level 110
  1. N Demon hunter [110] Deal With It Personally
  2. N Demon hunter [110] Malace in Vrykul Land
  3. N Demon hunter [110] Rune Ruination
  4. N Demon hunter [110] Strange Bedfellows
  5. N Demon hunter [110D] Vault of the Wardens: Vault Break-In
  6. N Demon hunter [110] The Crux of the Plan
  7. N Demon hunter [110] Two Worthies
  8. Complete both:
  9. Complete both:
  10. N Demon hunter [110] Jump-Capable
  11. N Demon hunter [110] A Final Offer
  12. N Demon hunter [110] The Invasion of Niskara
  13. N Demon hunter [110] Last, But Not Least
  14. N Demon hunter [110] I Am the Slayer!
  15. N Demon hunter [110] One More Thing...
  16. N Demon hunter [110] A Hero's Weapon
Patch 7.1.5 campaign
  1. N Demon hunter [110] An Urgent Warning
  2. N Demon hunter [110] Investigate the Broken Shore
Patch 7.2 campaign
  1. N [110] Champions of Legionfall
    1. N Demon hunter [110] An Urgent Message
    2. N Demon hunter [110] Taking Charge
    3. N Demon hunter [110] Scouting Party & N Demon hunter [110] Operation: Portals
    4. N Demon hunter [110] Defense of the Fel Hammer
    5. N Demon hunter [110] We Must be Prepared!
    6. Complete all of:
    7. N Demon hunter [110] Return of the Slayer
    8. N Demon hunter [110] Champion: Lady S'theno
  2. N Demon hunter [110] Further Advancement
  3. Class mount
    1. N Demon hunter [110] Livin' on the Ledge
    2. N Demon hunter [110] To Fel and Back

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