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Moxie Lockspinner

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AllianceMoxie Lockspinner
Image of Moxie Lockspinner
Gender Female
Race Gnome (Humanoid)
Level 110 - 120
Class Rogue
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Thief
Location Deadwash, Stormsong Valley; Boralus; Rustbolt, Mechagon Island
Status Alive

Moxie Lockspinner is a gnome thief. In her past, she has "visited" Tol Dagor, Tol Barad and the Stormwind Stockades, and has expressed a desire to see the Boralus Bank as well. At the Deadwash in Stormsong Valley, she participated in the town's effort in recovering a long lost treasure from a Second War ship.[citation needed]  Moxie has recently been sighted in the Boralus Bank stealing from the tellers and carrying bags from the vault. Additionally, when noticed by another rogue, she paused, raised a silencing finger to her mouth and continued on her thieving.

She also appears in Rustbolt on Mechagon Island with Earl-E.


  • Ability stealth.png  Stealth — Puts the caster in stealth mode. Lasts until cancelled.




Stormsong Valley initial

Certain Kul Tirans kind of associate me with certain robberies, that I really don't know anything about.


We got problems, <name>. The Tortollan found a box, and we want it!

Mechagon Island
  • I'm looking for smart people like you <name>, to invest lots of gold in a new business I am starting.
  • You sure do look familiar... Do any time in Tol Dagor?
  • You got any useful skills like forgery or safe cracking?


  • A gnomes gotta watch her back around these Kul Tirans.
  • There was a guard at Tol Dagor, looked just like you!
  • I should have been born a goblin, they appreciate my unique abilities more.
  • Using that thing made my hair turn green! (during A [110 - 120] Fun With Magnets)
  • You're still alive <name>! You're lucky like me.
  • If there's no more coins here, check the other locations.
  • Know any Kul Tiras nobles with lots of gold and poor security?
  • I get your share if you die!
  • I had a dream like this, but I was in the Ironforge bank.
  • Just like the Ironforge bank, this is a five person job.
  • Zandalar is made out of gold. There's got to be a way to steal the whole city?
  • Think you could sneak me into the
    [sic] Bank of Boralus?
  • You and I are pretty much friends now. Can I borrow some gold?
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  • Her generic name in Stormsong Valley is Worker.
  • An unreleased quest from Stormsong about a treasure refers to Moxie Botshiv which was likely an early name for Moxie Lockspinner.

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