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Mr. Crane

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NeutralMr. Crane
Image of Mr. Crane
Gender Male
Race Crane (Dragonkin)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Mount of Li Li Stormstout
Location Wandering Isle
Status Alive
Companion(s) Li Li Stormstout
The Crane and Li Li in World of Warcraft.

Mr. Crane[1] or the Crane[2] is a crane befriended by Li Li Stormstout. She can summon him using a special whistle.[2]

When Li Li left the Wandering Isle for the first time, she flew on the Crane to Booty Bay. While Li Li was excited to see the outside world, the Crane honked in annoyance at having had to fly such a long distance and insisted that he was hungry, so Li Li told him to "hit the road--er, sky". When Strongbo arrived to Booty Bay to take Li Li home to the isle, the bird immediately revealed the younger pandaren's location in return for two herrings and a mackerel.[3]

Not long after, Li Li called on the Crane again to fly her from the Wandering Isle to Ironforge, hoping that King Magni would let her use an airship to seek out Pandaria. After arriving to the city, she sent the bird on his way but quickly came to regret it when she discovered that Magni had been petrified and that the Council of Three Hammers wasn't willing to help her.[2]

During the Burning Legion's invasion of Azeroth, Li Li summoned Mr. Crane and fed him two fish in return for taking her to Ramkahen in Uldum so she could investigate the legend of Irmaat alongside a monk adventurer.[1]


  • During his single in-game appearance, Mr. Crane is mistakenly classified as a dragonkin instead of a beast.

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