Mr. Stomp

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NeutralMr. Stomp
Image of Mr. Stomp
Gender Male
Race Stone golem (Mechanical)
Level 88 Elite
Health 858,920
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) The Wyrmrest Accord
Location Wyrmrest Temple
Status Active

Mr. Stomp is being chased by Gor'in "Punchy" Littlebottom around the Wyrmrest Temple base of the Dragon Soul raid.


  • Mr. Stomp is an obvious reference to Lord Rhyolith, a raid boss from the Firelands. He uses the boss quotes "Buuurrrnn!" and "Stomp now." The dwarf yells "Left... Left! LEEEFFFFTTTT!", "No! Right! Go Right!" and "Aaaaaaahhh! We're all doomed!" The first two quotes are references to the steering mechanic of the aforementioned raid boss.

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