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For the boss encounter, see Mueh'zala (tactics).
Ueetay no Mueh'zala
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Title God of Death
Father of Sleep
Son of Time
Night's Friend[1]
Gender Male
Race Loa
Location De Other Side[2]
Status Alive
Consider yaself lucky you be workin' with me and not another loa. Mueh'zala would eat ya alive.
Bwonsamdi to Queen Talanji[3]

Ueetay no Mueh'zala, also known as simply Mueh'zala or even Death,[4] is a loa of death worshiped by the Sandfury tribe. Though his shadow towers above everyone, Mueh'zala's figure is indistinct. His form is always shifting, his shadow melting from one shape to another.[4]



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Mueh'zala was summoned by the Sandfury tribe at Zul'Farrak so they could sacrifice their prisoners - Aramar Thorne, Makasa Flintwill, Taryndrella, Hackle, and Murky - to him. When Mueh'zala went after Murky as a "little snack", Aram stepped between the two of them and Mueh'zala stopped, shocking everyone including the Sandfury trolls. But Aram was told that it was not "the day", and that Mueh'zala would not engage him there and then. But the day would come, and if Aram were to lose that battle, Mueh'zala would feast on all of Azeroth. Mueh'zala sank into the sands of Zul'Farrak and vanished.[4]

Mueh'zala later appeared to Aram in a vision alongside Xaraax, the dreadlord who led the Hidden. In the dream, Mueh'zala and Xaraax taunted Aram, telling him they had no objection if Aram completed the Diamond Blade whose shards he had been gathering. Together, Mueh'zala and the dreadlord said that there would be a reckoning, the battle would come, the fire would burn, and Mueh'zala would feast on all of Azeroth.[5]


Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.

Some of Ardenweald's spriggans have heard Mueh'zala's whispers and gleefully carry out his plans.[6]

Mueh'zala is the final boss of De Other Side, the realm of his rival death loa Bwonsamdi.


  • Not yet, Son of Thorne. Not yet. This is not the day. The day comes. It comes. But Mueh'zala will not engage you here or now. Our battle is yet to come, yet to come... But it will come, child. It will come. And if you lose that battle, Mueh'zala feasts on all of Azeroth. All of Azeroth. All of Azeroth. All of Azeroth...



  • Shapes he has taken include a twelve-foot tall troll, a giant lizard, the human Malus, a creature of burning black flame, a floating whale shark and a red-rimmed specter of black.[4]
  • There is a shrine to Mueh'zala in Tal'farrak, the Sandfury enclave in Dazar'alor.
  • Until Traveler: The Spiral Path, nothing about Mueh'zala was known except for his name and titles listed on the Tablet of Theka.
  • Despite his prominent role in The Spiral Path and his promise of a future battle with Aram, Mueh'zala makes no appearance in the third and final Traveler book, The Shining Blade. The latter's author Madeleine Roux has speculated that Blizzard deliberately pivoted away from using Mueh'zala in the final book because some of the events from The Spiral Path didn't necessarily line up with what was planned for the character in Shadowlands, and because they wanted The Shining Blade to have a simpler plot focusing on a single antagonist.[7]


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Odyn gave up one of his eyes to a mysterious spirit from the Shadowlands in order to gain the ability of seeing into that realm. It was described as "shapeless" and surrounded Odyn in shadow.[8] Given that Mueh'zala is a loa of death and that, when summoned in Traveler, he turned the sand and sky black and his shape was changing constantly, that being could have been Mueh'zala.