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Image of Muerta
Title <Champion of the Light>
Gender Female
Race Forsaken (Humanoid)
Level 91 Rare
Class Priest
Health 4,482,852
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Domination Point, Krasarang Wilds [11, 56]
Status Killable

Muerta is one of three Horde champions at Domination Point in southwestern Krasarang Wilds. She spawns between the ogre mage Or'Dac and the large tree stump in the main courtyard every 45 minutes to an hour.


  • Spell holy holybolt.png  Holy Bolt 40 yd range — Deals 120% of weapon damage as holy. 2 sec cast. Interruptible.
  • Spell holy holyprotection.png  Wrath of the Light 60 yd range 3 sec cast. Uninterruptible. Deals 60% of total health as damage in a 6-yard radius area of effect.
  • Spell holy divineprovidence.png  Chains of Faith 50 yd range — Surround the target with holy chains, stunning them for 6 sec. 2 sec cast. Interruptible.


Stand on top of the tree stump and pull her up there to keep Or'Dac and a Heavy Mook from joining in at inopportune moments. She is a caster, so it will take an interrupt (or a [Death Grip]) to get her to move. Get out of the area of effect when she starts casting Wrath of the Light. Let her cast Holy Bolt, as the more time she spends casting it the less time she spends casting Chains of Faith, which must be interrupted at all costs. If she does get a cast off, be warned that she can cast Wrath of the Light immediately after casting Chains of Faith, so it is entirely possible to take an unavoidable 60% of total health hit if things go wrong and the stun can't be broken out of.

Or'Dac has a four-second-duration [Frost Nova] point-blank area of effect root that he casts--make sure he isn't close by when working on Muerta!


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