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Image of Mugg'roth
Gender Male
Race Ogre mage (Humanoid)
Affiliation(s) Warsong clan
Former affiliation(s) Horde
Location Ogre Camp, Ork Reservation
This article contains lore that is taken from the canceled game Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans and is therefore non-canon.

Mugg'roth ("Ogre" in-game, "Orge" in concept art) was a character in the canceled adventure game Warcraft Adventures. He guarded the entrance to Grommash Hellscream's hideout in an orcish reservation.

The beardless head was rendered an imbecile when part of an ogre mound fell on them, causing this head to trade the bearded head's spell book to Zul'jin for a piece of meat. The bearded head passed the time by playing a card game similar to solitaire. Thrall had to steal the cards in order to trade with Clawhand, and eventually get back the spell book. After Thrall returned the spell book to them, he tricked the ogre mage into stepping on one of their own runes by leading the beardless head across it with another piece of meat. The ogre mage flew off-screen, presumably dead.


First visit

  • Right head says: AAAGH! You've nibbled that bone down to the marrow! There's no more meat left on it! Now shut up, so I can think!
  • Left head says: Sorry.

Moments later the left head continues to nibble on the bone.

  • Right head says: Look at you... look at ME, sitting here, bored out of my mind while I should be practising my magic! But NO, you had to trade MY Spell book to the troll for a leg of wormy meat!
  • Left head says: Wormy, but tasty.
  • Right head says: Uh huh...Well, your little snack just cost me a lifetime's work of study! Because of YOU, I'll never reach the level of mastery attained by Cho'gall! I hope you enjoyed it!
  • Left head says: Oh, I did!

When Thrall walks up to see them.

  • Left head says: Hey, we got a visitor. Maybe he's got some-
  • Right head says: Begone orcling, or we'll pluck out your eyes and stuff holes with burning cinders!
  • Left head says: Food...

Second visit

  • Right head says: How could fate have been so cruel? If only that ogre mound hadn't collapsed on your head...
  • Left head says: It's okay, it didn't hurt much.
  • Right head says: Hurt much? I don't care if it hurt! It reduced you to a blubbering imbecile! Thanks to your incessant appetite, I don't even have my Spell book to keep me occupied.
  • Left head says: You seem awful upset. You must be hungry. I'm hungry.

When Thrall puts the meat on the cooking fire.

  • Right head says: Hey, what are you doing? I don't want to go there. Hey!

Then Thrall walks up to take the deck of cards.

  • Right head says: My cards! Get back here, you thief!

Third visit to return his Spell book.

  • Right head says: Thief! Return my cards or die in agony!
  • Thrall says: I'll return your Spell book to you, but in exchange for it I want to speak with Hellscream.
  • Right head says: My Spell book. You've done a great service by returning this to me. But there's still NO HELLSCREAM HERE! Now begone before I disintegrate you.
  • Left head says: Hey, we can trade that for more food!

The Right head groans at Left head and opens the Spell book and begins to cast a spell.

  • Right head says: The Eye of Kilrogg spell. Zyhana Graaka Nak. Ahhh, the dreaded Rune spell. There's nothing quite like blasting unsuspecting humans into tiny bits! Goth'gara Naal Zandhuura.
  • Right head Laughs.
  • Right head says: If you think returning what's rightfully mine makes you welcome here, you're wrong. I've warned you before, now feel the wrath of Mugg'roth!

Final visit to get past Mugg'roth by putting another meat in the fire.

  • Right head casts the Rune spell and the Left head stands up to go near the fire, but Right head response as their final words:
  • Right head says: What are you...No, NO...Don't walk THERE, I just cast a--
  • Mugg'roth steps on the Rune and blasts them into the air never to be seen again...
  • Thrall says: Damn, I'm good.


  • He was depicted as being able to cast spells directly lifted from the previous game. In addition, Mugg'roth could also power his fist with electricity, a reference to the fighting animations of the ogre mage unit.