My Brother's Keeper

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AllianceMy Brother's Keeper

120 (Requires 120)




A [120] Spy Versus Spy


Sail with Jaina to meet Baine off the coast of Theramore.


While I trust Valeera believes she is not leading us into a trap, I do not trust this isn't a Horde manipulation.

<Name>, I want you to come with me. I will meet with Baine, but I will not do so alone.


You will receive:


This is... surprising news.


He returned her brother?

That... took guts on his part. I wonder at the repercussions for both him and for us here.


Talk to Mathias Shaw to set sail for Theramore

We have little time to waste. What is required?

Gossip Set sail for the coast of Theramore.

You arrive north of Theramore Isle on a Kul Tiran ship. Jaina is looking off the starboard side at the ruins. On the port side, Shaw is looking at a Horde battleship, The Swift Vengeance waiting at a distance off the port bow.

Meeting attended

<Jaina's gaze remains on the ruins of Theramore as you approach her.>

So much was lost here.

I wonder if that includes me.

Not for the first time, I question if I am becoming my father.

Gossip Lady Jaina, there is a Horde ship approaching.

It is nighttime. Jaina's ship waits by one of Theramore's docks, bow pointed out away from the ruins as cool ocean mist slightly obscures their surroundings. Jaina, with Shaw behind her left shoulder, are alone on deck, waiting for The Swift Vengeance to come up along the port side. As the Horde battleship slowly solidifies into view from the mist on her approach from the opposite direction, Jaina tightens her grip on her staff.
The Horde vessel practically drifts into position, portside to portside, and Baine lowers a gangplank with a thump. As he crosses over, his massive body obscures a man following closely behind him. He greets Jaina as he steps down onto her deck.
Baine Bloodhoof: Lady Jaina.
He bows.
Baine Bloodhoof: Long has it been since we spoke peacefully in Theramore.
Jaina replies pointedly.
Jaina Proudmoore: Theramore is gone. You did not ask me here to reminisce.
Baine Bloodhoof: No. I have come to return one who was lost.
He turns and gestures towards his companion who steps forward, eyes hidden by his tricorne hat. He is dressed in Kul Tiran clothing that has seen better days, and as he raises his hand to politely remove his hat, it's clear by the skin tone that he is undead.
Jaina is stunned when she sees it's Derek Proudmoore, her older brother raised as a Forsaken. She becomes upset, misunderstanding Baine's intentions.
Jaina Proudmoore: Derek... my own brother.
She steps towards Baine, her anger continually mounting as she speaks.
Jaina Proudmoore: I had thought better of you, Baine.
She points accusingly at the High Chieftan.
Jaina Proudmoore: So tell me.
Gestures to Derek.
Jaina Proudmoore: Is he the banshee's puppet? Crammed full of blight?
Nearly enraged, Jaina ignites a frost spell in her left hand, causing the sails and rigging to move about in the supernatural wind.
Jaina Proudmoore: Is he the bomb this time?
Derek Proudmoore: Yes.
At Derek quietly speaking up, Jaina's spell fizzles out in her surprise as she looks at him.
Derek Proudmoore: That was the plan. But...
Dropping his gaze, he gestures to Baine.
Derek Proudmoore: Baine took me from Sylvanas before, before I was twisted to her will.
He looks back up at his now not-so-little sister, a note of hope in his tone.
Derek Proudmoore: I'm still your brother, Jaina. For as long as stars do shine.
Realization dawns on Jaina's face as she sees that Derek really is his own person; only family would know those words. She looks to Baine to ask one simple question.
Jaina Proudmoore: Why?
Baine looks at her sadly.
Baine Bloodhoof: The Horde has a sickness in it.
Jaina steps up to him as he continues.
Baine Bloodhoof: We wage war, while the Earth Mother dies. We have forgotten what truly matters,
Baine accentuates his heartache by bringing his hand to his chest as he speaks.
Baine Bloodhoof: and my heart can bear it no longer.
Jaina Proudmoore: Sylvanas will kill you for this. And... she may not stop with you.
He replies philosophically.
Baine Bloodhoof: No life is worth living, if we cannot be true to our nature.
He turns away to the gangplank. Jaina's face is a look of worried concern.
Baine Bloodhoof: I return home, to take what solace I can in my family.
He briefly looks back over his shoulder at her as he continues, looking towards Derek before stepping up onto the gangplank to cross back over.
Baine Bloodhoof: I hope you take solace in yours.
He gets a few steps before Jaina calls out to him.
Jaina Proudmoore: Baine...
He pauses, and the siblings look towards his back.
Jaina Proudmoore: thank you.
He acknowledges her heartfelt gratitude with a soft grunt, and disembarks back onto The Swift Vengeance. Derek and Jaina look to each other.
Cinematic exit
Shaw keeps his distance as the siblings reunite near the main mast.
Derek Proudmoore says: Jaina... I can hardly believe it's you. When I set sail, you were a child. And now... (marvels) Lord Admiral.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: So much has changed, Derek. I... There's something I must tell you--
Derek Proudmoore says: I know about father. The Horde spewed lies to poison me against you. But Baine explained the truth of what happened.
Derek Proudmoore says: You, mother, and Tandred all endured so much. I'm pleased you have each other again, but... where does my path lead?
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: I don't know. But we will find the answer together.
Derek Proudmoore says: I can't come home... can I.
While the words are like a question, they're phrased like a statement that Derek already knows the answer to. Jaina reluctantly confirms it.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: No. Not yet. But I know others who have been through this. I believe they can help you.
Derek Proudmoore says: Will you come with me, Jaina? I... I don't know if I can do this alone.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Of course, Derek. No matter the storm, we will face it... as family.
Jaina's gossip

To speak with Derek again after so long...

<Jaina shakes her head>

I have much to consider.

Talk to Mathias Shaw to return to Boralus

Subtlety and guile are our best weapons in this war, <name>.

Gossip Take us back to Boralus.



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