My Very Own Castle

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AllianceMy Very Own Castle

100 (Requires 100)



Gather 2000 Garrison Resources and then use the Architect Table to select your Town Hall and upgrade your garrison to Tier 3.


Commander! Some good news. I finally got that new larger draft paper in that I ordered when we first came here. And do you know what larger draft paper means?

It means I can draw a bigger castle!

And if I can draw it, we can certainly make it! Making it is the easy part, assuming you have a few thousand stones and logs lying around.

So what do you say, sir? Shall we get building?


I'm giddy with excitement!

On completion, a cutscene plays:

King Varian Wrynn: Hero, our trust in you was not misplaced. You and the armies you command are now our greatest weapon against the Iron Horde. Lead us to victory, General.

Cinematic (stop at 1:10)


I... I think I like it. A little more blue paint, maybe some taller towers, but you can really call it home, you know?

I already ordered some even larger draft paper, sir. Don't you worry...

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