Mysterious Camel Figurine

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NeutralMysterious Camel Figurine
Image of Mysterious Camel Figurine
Race Figurine
Level 1
Health 42
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Being mysterious
Location Uldum

Players who interact with the Mysterious Camel Figurine, a critter-sized, name-plated statuette which can spawn randomly all over Uldum, have a chance of being teleported to the Steam Pools. They are then debuffed with a tracking debuff that gives them 20 minutes to find and kill Dormus. Anyone who kills him gets an epic ground mount, the  [Reins of the Grey Riding Camel].

There are actually two different kinds of figurine: I.D. 50409 and I.D. 50410. The first kind are the rare ones, that will teleport you to the Steam Pools. The second, more common kind will only turn into  [Crumbled Statue Remnants], vendor trash worth 25 gold.


  • If a Mysterious Camel Figurine that spawns in Deathwing's attack path through Uldum happens to be up, if exposed to Deathwing's Molten Flame, will be destroyed and the timer reset just as if it had been used by a player. This is because the statuettes are actually classified as NPCs, and presumably the only way they could have a name plate.

Patch changes

  • Hotfix (2012-09-28): "Mysterious Camel Figurines should again provide the player with the ability to see Dormus."
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Added.

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