Mystery of the Infinite, Redux

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NeutralMystery of the Infinite, Redux



(27,550) (16g 53s at 80)



Chromie, at the top of Wyrmrest Temple, has asked you to travel once more to the Bronze Dragonshrine.

Once inside, place the  [Hourglass of Eternity] on the ground and help your Past Self to protect it from the forces of the Infinite Dragonflight.

  • Hourglass of Eternity protected from the Infinite Dragonflight.


There you are! Or, were we just talking?

<Chromie muses over the temporal possibilities.>

Anyway, the Infinites are after you! Well, not you per-se. Rather, they're after the past version of you that defended the Hourglass of Eternity. You remember, right?

That was you back then, except it's you now too. Wait, that's not important. What is important is that you head back to the Bronze Dragonshrine and defend yourself and the hourglass from their attacks before you get erased from history!


You will receive one of:


<Chromie looks at you strangely.>

Do I know you? I sense an aura about you as if your very existence is in flux. Either that or you're stuck in a time loop.

Whatever the reason, you'd better fix it fast or you won't exist for very long at all!


Oh my goodness, you made it! I was uncertain.

You flickered in and out of the time stream there for a moment during the fight! I thought for sure that we'd lost you!

But here you are safe and sound, with your past self rescued, on the other side of the time loop you were in.

You're quite the temporal hero, <name>!


Using the hourglass summons "Past You", who will help defend the hourglass.

Start of fight
Past You whispers: Whoa! You're me, but from the future! Hey, my equipment got an upgrade! Cool!
Past You whispers: Here come the Infinites! I've got to keep the hourglass safe. Can you help?
During the fight some combination of the below
Past You whispers: This equipment looks cool and all, but couldn't we have done a little better? Are you even raiding?
Past You whispers: Chromie said that if I don't do this just right, I might wink out of existence. If I go, then you go!
Past You whispers: I just want you to know that if we get through this alive, I'm making sure that we turn out better than you. No offense.
Past You whispers: Looks like I'm an underachiever.
Past You whispers: Wait a minute! If you're here, then that means that in the not-so-distant future I'm going to be you helping me? Are we stuck in a time loop?!
Past You whispers: I think I'm going to turn to drinking after this.
After the fight
Past You whispers: What the heck? Nozdormu is up there!
Past You whispers: I feel like I'm being pulled away through time. Thanks for the help....

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