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Mystic Ssa'veh

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MobMystic Ssa'veh
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Title <The Storm>
Gender Female
Race Naga (Humanoid)
Level 101 - 111 Elite
Health 13,627,184 M
Mana 266,554
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Hatecoil
Occupation Mystic
Location Eye of Azshara
Status Killable

Mystic Ssa'veh is a naga located in Eye of Azshara.


  • Arcane Bomb - Causes a massive Arcane Bomb to fall onto a target player's location. When dispelled, the bomb no longer tracks the target, but continues to fall. Upon reaching the ground, Arcane Bomb inflicts 0 Arcane damage to players within 0 yds and stuns for 6 sec.
  • Lightning Blast - Inflicts Nature damage to a random enemy.
  • Storm - Channels a fierce electrical storm, inflicting 0 Nature damage to enemies within 0 yds every 5 sec for 12 sec.
  • Storm Conduit - Channels a magical storm, empowering the Wrath of Azshara.
  • Tempest Attunement - Channels a magical storm, calling forth the Wrath of Azshara.


  • "It is still forming!"
  • "No! The ritual is not yet complete!"
  • "The bindings weaken..."
  • "We need more time!"

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