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Mystic Tomkin

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NeutralMystic Tomkin
Image of Mystic Tomkin
Gender Male
Race Tuskarr (Humanoid)
Level 70
Affiliation(s) The Kalu'ak
Location Unu'pe, Borean Tundra
Status Alive
Mystic Tomkin seen telling a story.

Mystic Tomkin is a level 70 Tuskarr mystic found in Unu'pe in the Borean Tundra. He tells his fellow tuskarr a story every now and then.


On the hour Mystic Tomkin gives this speech:

Mystic Tomkin yells: Gather, gather. A story has come.
Mystic Tomkin looks at the gathered crowd and nods his head ponderously.
Mystic Tomkin says: The tide has brought me a story. Listen, and be enlightened.
Mystic Tomkin says: Through sunsets beyond counting, the tusked people have dwelled here in the land of ice.
Mystic Tomkin says: We have lived on the bounty of the sea. We have grown fat on the meat of the antlered ones.
Mystic Tomkin says: The sea and land has given us life.
Mystic Tomkin says: Some seek to take the sea from us. The giant raiders have invaded our sacred place on the shore.
Mystic Tomkin says: Some seek to take the land from us. The finned hunters squat upon the plains and devour the antlered ones themselves.
Mystic Tomkin says: We are hunters, too. We are fighters. We can fight for the sea and the land.
Mystic Tomkin says: But there is another threat to the tusked people.
Mystic Tomkin bows his head a moment to gather his thoughts.
Mystic Tomkin says: There is a power flowing through all things that live. It carries many names.
Mystic Tomkin says: The tusked people call it Silap Inua.
Mystic Tomkin says: This power is harnessed by all thinking peoples to heal or harm. It is the power of life. It is the power of souls living and dead.
Mystic Tomkin says: The threat to Silap Inua is known as those who would cage it. They will be called the blue-scaled ones.
Mystic Tomkin says: The blue-scaled ones have great power. They work to control Silap Inua and take it from the wide ranging peoples of the world.
Mystic Tomkin says: They threaten not only the ways of the tusked people, but the existence of all who live.
Mystic Tomkin says: I give you this story.
Mystic Tomkin says: We must fight those who would threaten our flesh, who would kill our children; we must look to our own.
Mystic Tomkin says: But give what aid you can to the southern peoples, for they are the champions of Silap Inua.

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