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NeutralN. Kagnito
Image of N. Kagnito
Title Demonology Expert
Gender Male
Race Orc
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion
Location Shadowmoon Valley
Status Unknown

N. Kagnito is an orc warlock working for the Burning Legion.[1] He is voiced by Michael McConnohie.


In his interview with the highly esteemed Gnomeregan Gnews Gnetwork, he can be seen in front of several infernals, most likely at the Legion Hold of Shadowmoon Valley.[1]

He was trying to convince the public that the demons aren't bad guys and is a gross generalization, he said they are just misunderstood. Barley McFrothbeard was against his opinons saying that they were trying to destroy Azeroth, but Kagnito didn't admitted it, with the excuse that Barley didn't have a source and saying "I suppose you can read their minds already".[1]

Barley McFrothbeard finally discovered that he had red-glowing eyes and horns and was working with the Burning Legion. Not thinking a second, Barley shot N. Kagnito but he managed to evade the shot. Barley comicaly appears in Shadowmoon Valley when he was in a very far place and pursue Kagnito, who ran away shouting. After that, Mar'Lee cuts the video.[1]


For quotes and transcript of the video News From Outland: Crisis at Da Portal!, see Gnomeregan Gnews Gnetwork#News From Outland.


  • He is the author of Our Friends from the Nether.[1]
  • His name is a reference to the term "incognito".


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