Naga at the Zoram Strand

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HordeNaga at the Zoram Strand
Start Marukai
End Marukai
Level 19 (Requires 17)
Category Ashenvale
Experience 1450
Reputation 250 Darkspear Trolls
Previous none
Next H [22] Deep Despair


Bring 20 Wrathtail Heads to Marukai along the Zoram Strand.


There is evil lurking here along the coast, <race>.

It is the resting place of the doomed city of Zoram, long destroyed and submerged beneath the seas. Lost, and nearly forgotten.

Now, the naga have returned, and for what reason we do not know. But reason matters little; we must defend the land we have worked so hard to claim as our own.

Return to me with 20 of their heads! Throw the naga back to the depths!


The naga increase in numbers, <name>. Please complete this task for me.


We could use more of your kind around here, <name>. Thank you for your help.


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