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The Naglfar is a fearsome ship formed from sinew and bone, which comes to deliver cursed and damned vrykul souls to Helheim, and the clutches of Helya. Its captain is Skjal.

At some point, its nameplate fell into the Helmouth Shallows alongside other shipwreck detritus.[1]

In a time before memory, the Naglfar was the prize of Helya's fleet. It would seem that it has lived on to serve her once more.[2]


Island expeditions

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The Naglfar on the shores of Un'gol Ruins.

The Naglfar can be seen with the kvaldir on island expeditions and its Quarters of the Damned can be accessed by a Misty Gateway.


  • In Norse mythology, Naglfar is a boat made entirely from the fingernails and toenails of the dead. During the events of Ragnarök, Naglfar is foretold to sail to Vígríðr, ferrying hordes that will do battle with the gods.


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