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Nagrand (alternate universe) storyline

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The Nagrand storyline is the 98-100 level-up experience in Nagrand, taking place after the Spires of Arak storyline. Kept track in the [Nagrandeur] achievement, the storyline plays out in eight parts.

The Might of Steel and Blood

The Ring of Trials

The Shadow of the Void

The Dark Heart of Oshu'gun

  1. A [98] Nobundo Sends Word / H [98] The Farseer Awaits
  2. B [98] Called to the Throne
  3. Complete all of
  4. N [98] Guise of the Deceiver
  5. N [98] The Debt We Share
  6. B [98] The Ritual of Binding
  7. B [98] The Call of Oshu'gun
  8. B [99] Dark Binding / B [99] The Pale Threat
  9. B [99] The Fate of Gordawg / B [99] The Dark Heart of Oshu'gun

Alliance A Blademaster's Honor / Horde Remains of Telaar

Alliance ...


Trouble at the Overwatch

The Taking of Lok-rath

  1. B [99] Along the Riverside
  2. B [100] Terms of Surrender
  3. B [100] The Pride of Lok-rath
  4. A [98] THAELIN! (Optional (Alliance only))
  5. A [98] Carrier Has Arrived (Optional (Alliance only))

The Legacy of Garrosh Hellscream

  1. B [100] Lok-rath is Secured
  2. B [100] And Justice for Thrall

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