Nagrand Forge Camp quest chain

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This quest line is centered around Altruis the Sufferer, in western Nagrand, and his efforts to stamp out the Burning Legion presence there. To this end he seeks the plans used to create Forge Camp: Hate and Forge Camp: Fear in order to shut the down the gates. A task that is ultimately accomplished by taking the advice of Sal'salabim and slaying Demos, Overseer of Hate and Xirkos, Overseer of Fear taking their keys and using the cannons to blow up the Forge Camps.

Altruis and Forge Camp: Annihilation Quest Chain

You are directed to Altruis initially by Matron Celestine, near Garadar.

  1. B [68] He Called Himself Altruis...
  2. N [68] Survey the Land
  3. N [68] Buying Time
  4. N [68] The Master Planner
  5. N [68] Patience and Understanding
  6. N [68] Crackin' Some Skulls
  7. N [68] It's Just That Easy?
  8. N [68] Forge Camp: Annihilated


  • Finishing this quest line is required to be allowed to do the H [68] Hero of the Mag'har quest line for Horde characters.
  • Most of the quests recommend a group, as they involve elite mobs.