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Narkrall, The Drake-Tamer

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For the Horde quest, see H [84] Narkrall, the Drake-Tamer.
AllianceNarkrall, The Drake-Tamer

84 (Requires 84)





Slay Narkrall Rakeclaw. Speak with Colin Thundermar when you're ready.


There's one Dragonmaw among this lot, the one they call "Narkrall: The Drake-Tamer." I don't know where he gets his power over those beasts, but the black terror he rides is as nasty a brute as ever took the skies over the Highlands.

<name>, Narkrall is the fiend who took my father's life and left Thundermar in my hands.

I can't take him on alone, but I've seen what you're capable of, <class>. Maybe together we can end this.

Let me know when you're ready, and we'll fight Narkrall together! ("Narkrall Rakeclaw: Speak to me when you're ready. I'll get him off his drake, b ut I'll need your help finishing him off...")


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv pants robe dungeonrobe c 03.png [Narkrall's Leggings] Inv gauntlets mail dungeonmail c 03.png [Ale Soaked Grips]
Inv belt plate dungeonplate c 03.png [Furybound Waistplate] Inv staff 116.png [Staff of Draconic Pacification]
Inv mace 1h cataclysm c 03.png [Dragonscorn Mace]

You will also receive: 18g


Narkrall. With a heart as black as the beast he rides.


We did it, <name>! Narkrall Rakeclaw lies dead at my feet, and Thundermar has weathered a storm of drakes!

This wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for the help of the Alliance. I owe you a debt that I don't think can ever be repaid.


Talk to Colin again:

D'ye hear it, <name>? The beating of great leathery wings over the treetops... Narkrall is closing in.

Gossip I'm ready to fight him!

Colin Thundermar says: Here he comes, <name>! Flying in from the west. Get your weapons ready!

Rakeclaw flies in on his mount and drops on the ground. He is a level 85 Dragonmaw orc with 193,725 health.


  1. A [84] A Coward's Due
  2. Complete all of:
  3. Complete all of:
  4. A [84] Magmalord Falthazar, A [84] Tempered in Elemental Flame, A [84] Hot Stuff, A [84] Potential Energy
    1. A [84] A Vision of Twilight
    2. A [84] We All Must Sacrifice
    3. A [84] The Eyes Have It
    4. A [84] Eye Spy
  5. A [84] Tear Them From the Sky!
  6. A [84] Last Stand at Thundermar
  7. A [84] Narkrall, The Drake-Tamer
  8. A [84] The Kirthaven Summit

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