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Natalia Mar'alith

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MobMistress Natalia Mar'alith
Image of Mistress Natalia Mar'alith
Title <High Priestess of C'thun>
Gender Female
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 55
Affiliation(s) Old Gods' forces
Former affiliation(s) Cenarion Circle
Location Hive'Regal, Silithus
Status Unknown (presumed deceased)
Relative(s) Commander Mar'alith (husband)

Mistress Natalia Mar'alith <High Priestess of C'Thun> is a level 55 night elf priestess found in Hive'Regal in Silithus.

Natalia is the wife of Commander Mar'alith, and like him, was a member of the Cenarion Circle expedition to Silithus. She ventured with Brann Bronzebeard, Rutgar Glyphshaper and Frankal Stonebridge to Hive'Regal, where they stumbled upon a silithid crystal covered in glyphs of Qiraji origin. As she inspected the crystal closer, its power ultimately brainwashed her into servitude of C'Thun. Now, she resides at the hive, guarding the crystal from intruders. Rutgar and Frankal at the Bronzebeard Encampment recount the tale of their venture and Natalia's corruption.


  • Blackout (The powers of shadow overwhelm the target's mind, stunning them for 3 sec.)
  • Greater Heal (Calls upon Holy magic to heal an ally.)
  • Mind Flay (Inflicts Shadow damage to an enemy and reduces its movement speed for 3 sec.)
  • Psychic Scream (Lets out a psychic scream, causing up to 5 nearby enemies to flee for 6 sec.)
  • Shadow Word: Pain (Utters a word of darkness, inflicting Shadow damage to an enemy every 3 sec. for 18 sec.)


She frequently use [Psychic Scream], as well as using a version of [Greater Heal] that uses less than 100 mana. Thus, she is able to heal herself indefinitely. It is extremely difficult to solo her unless there are multiple spell interrupts available to your class or a very high burst DPS.



You will make a fitting sacrifice!
C'Thun will retake this world!


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