Nature's Advance

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NeutralNature's Advance
Start Goldrinn
End Rensar Greathoof
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Druid Campaign
Experience 1,650
Rewards 2000 Order Resources
1g 94s
Previous N Druid [110] The Wolf's Tale
Next N Druid [110] The Preservation of Nature


Return to Rensar Greathoof in the Dreamgrove.


<Name>, you must return to the Dreamgrove and bring the news of my attack. Tell the other druids that aggressions such as this will continue against us unless we find a way to stop the Legion.

I thank you for the aid. I feel the fel energies leaving my veins, though it may take some time.


You will receive: 1g 94s

You will also receive: 2000 Order Resources


What news do you have of the attack on Aviana's shrine?



Quest accept
Thisalee Crow says: You heard Goldrinn! We have to find out who's leading these attacks now! No time to lose!


  1. N Druid [110] Talon Terror
  2. N Druid [110] Attack on the Roost & N Druid [110] Mother's Orders
  3. N Druid [110] Aviana's Grace
  4. N Druid [110] Lone Wolf
  5. N Druid [110] The Befouled Barrows & N Druid [110] Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
  6. N Druid [110] The Wolf's Tale
  7. N Druid [110] Nature's Advance
  8. N Druid [110] The Preservation of Nature
  9. N Druid [110] Nature's Touch & N Druid [110] To Track a Demon
  10. N Druid [110] Prick of a Thistle
  11. N Druid [110] Grovebound
  12. N Druid [110] Champion: Thisalee Crow

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