Naze of Shirvallah

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Naze of Shirvallah

The Naze of Shirvallah is a subregion of Zul'Gurub, accessed by turning left at the first crossroads past Zanza's Rise, then turning right at the second crossroads. It is where High Priest Thekal and his minions can be found.


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

Much of the area was taken over by Gurubashi Villagers, and Zandalari troll members. A new rise was built here where a Zandalari Hierophant kills a villager when Mortaxx orders them to climb up.



  • As of Cataclysm, the area can be accessed in the outdoor Zul'Gurub and in the new Zul'Gurub, although the subzone is not displayed.
  • The name could be a reference to the theosophical belief that Shamballah is the spiritual center of the world, with Naze resembling the word nave, which is the main section of a church.

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