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Necrosis is an addon that helps warlocks manage their spells , items, summoning demons, or mounts. It also has the ability to keep timers of DoT spells and provide sound notifications when certain events occur (e.g. "Shadow Trance", "Backlash", soultsone expires).

With its distinct circular design, Necrosis popularized the "circular class mod", spawning such projects as Cryolysis for mages and Totemus for shamans. At one point, an effort was made to genericize the circular framework into an Ace Addon called "Henge", taken from the popular Japanese anime Naruto, meaning "to transform."

Development history

Necrosis was originally created by Lomig and released on its official site in 2005 under the GNU Public Licence (GPL v2). It was uploaded to the popular addon sites - ([1] &[2]) - for easier distribution. The project was actively maintained until the author became inactive in January 2007.

In late 2007, Wowpedia admin Hobinheim decided to continue to support this popular Add-on. On December 1, 2007, Hobinheim contacted the original author but did not receive any reply. An alternate project page was created on to distribute an updated .toc file version of Necrosis for WoW patch 2.3. It is no longer supported.

In March 2008, ArPharazon updated the project to work with WoW patch 2.4 and was added as an "author" to the official project page on by Lomig.

Necrosis has been actively maintained by ArPharazon since then.

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