Negaton Screamer

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MobNegaton Screamer
Image of Negaton Screamer
Race Voidcaller (Demon)
Level 70 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Arcatraz

Negaton Screamers are voidcallers that can be found in the Arcatraz.


The first spell of any magic school (eg: Fireball) anyone flings at the demon, it will absorb it and will cast a buff to reduce damage taken by 75% from that school of magic. (eg: Magic Protection: Fire) It will then convert absorbed magic into an offensive volley (eg: Fireball Volley). As soon as the demon has cast this magic volley, he drops his magic resistance and absorbs the next magic type cast on him. This mob is easily killed with only melee damage.

  • Fear (AoE Fear)
  • Damage Reduction: Fire (reduces all fire damage done to the caster by 75%)
  • Damage Reduction: Frost (reduces all frost damage done to the caster by 75%)
  • Damage Reduction: Shadow (reduces all shadow damage done to the catser by75%)
  • Damage Reduction: Nature (reduces all nature damage done to the target by 75%)
  • Damage Reduction: Arcane (reduces all arcane damage done to the caster by 75%)
  • Damage Reduction: Holy (reduces all holy danage done to the caster by 75%)
  • Fireball Volley
  • Frostbolt Volley
  • Shadowbolt Volley
  • Lightning Bolt Volley
  • Arcane Volley
  • Holy Bolt Volley

Note: As typical of all "Screamers" of Azeroth, this mob also casts an AoE fear.

This mob can be incredibly troublesome for paladin tanks. As a huge portion of paladin aggro comes from spell damage the worst thing you could fight would be something highly resistant to holy damage, which this mob can potentially be. It is recommended to use a magical resistance aura/devotion aura and seal of the crusader until the mob absorbs a non-holy magic type, at which point you may judge/conscecrate/exorcise as much as you can before it changes its magic type again. Absorbing holy damage becomes further troublesome as it is the hardest of all types to resist when the mob starts using holy damage against you.

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