Neither Human Nor Beast

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AllianceNeither Human Nor Beast





+250 Gilneas



Drink from the Well of Tranquility, the Well of Balance, and the Well of Fury.


It is time, <name>. This... alchemy that has kept the beast inside you at bay will not last for long.

The first cursed worgen were night elf druids like our new allies. They, however, abandoned the balance that the rest of their kind embraced and allowed the beast to take over their minds.

It is only fitting that their brethren be the ones that deliver us from the Curse. Go, <class>. Drink from the waters of Tal'doren and make peace with yourself.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv staff 113.png [Staff of Earned Tranquility] Inv weapon rifle 40.png [Cry of the Wolf]
Inv mace 19.png [Hammer of Controlled Fury] Inv axe 118.png [Sharp Edge of Balance]

You will also receive: 3s


It is always good to see you, <brother/sister>.


It is done then, <name>. You are one of us now.


Upon completion of this quest, players will learn:


Well of Tranquility active.jpg

The three wells are in front of the three night elves. Right-click on each one.

Well of Balance:

Talran of the Wild says: Let the Scythe unbind that which was not meant to be bound! Let the soul master the beast, lest the beast master the soul!

Well of Tranquility

Vassandra Stormclaw says: Just as Daral'nir soothes the cursed druids who gave into the beast and abandoned balance, let Tal'doren soothe <name>.

Well of Fury:

Lyros Swiftwind says: Just as Goldrinn's spirit once blessed our druids, let <name> be blessed with the wisdom of his race and the ferocity of the wolf god.

On complete:

Lorna and Godfrey run in from town.
Lorna Crowley yells: Father!
Lord Darius Crowley yells: Lorna!
Lord Godfrey says: Crowley! You and your elven allies are hereby ordered to serve along the king's army. Cursed or not, you are still bound by Gilnean law!
Genn saunters in.
Lord Darius Crowley yells: Does this toad speak for you, Genn? Do you come to our dwelling as a friend? Or do you come as a tyrant?
King Genn Greymane says: No, old friend. I've come to you as an equal.
Genn enters worgen form.
Lord Godfrey yells: Impossible!
Lord Darius Crowley says: Aye, Genn. It is not law that binds us. It is something far stronger. My men are ready to give their lives under your command.
King Genn Greymane says: It is decided, then. We will unite all Gilneans and drive the Forsaken from our lands.


  1. A [8] Stranded at the Marsh
  2. A [8] Introductions Are in Order
  3. A [8] Stormglen
  4. A [8] Pest Control
  5. A [9] Queen-Sized Troubles
  6. A [8] The Blackwald
  7. A [9] Losing Your Tail
  8. A [9] Tal'doren, the Wild Home
  9. A [9] At Our Doorstep
  10. A [9] Take Back What's Ours
  11. A [9] Neither Human Nor Beast
  12. A [9] Return to Stormglen
  13. A [9] Onwards and Upwards

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