Netherstorm quests

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This table shows the total gold and/or experience gained through Netherstorm quests either directly by selling quest rewards. The amounts differ depending on the player's affiliation with the Aldor or the Scryers.

Total quests statistics

* Aldor Scryer
Gold 490g 94s 498g 74s
Experience 1,534,250 1,528,500
Exp→Gold @80 920g 55s 917g 10s
Items 182g 65s 188g 38s
Total @80 1594g 14s 1604g 22s

* This summary does not include quests N [70D] Capturing the Keystone and N [70D] How to Break Into the Arcatraz

Assuming you are choosing the most expensive quest reward each time

Protectorate Watch Post

  1. N [70] A Not-So-Modest Proposal
  2. N [70] Getting Down to Business
  3. N [70] Formal Introductions
  4. N [70] A Promising Start
  5. N [70] Troublesome Distractions
  6. N [70G] Securing the Celestial Ridge

Access Shaft Zeon

Gyro-Plank Bridge

Ruins of Enkaat

The Heap

Area 52

Quests: The Consortium

Quests: The Scryers

Quests: The Aldor

Kirin'Var Village

Midrealm Post

Tuluman's Landing

The Stormspire

Ethereum Staging Grounds