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NeutralNetwork Security

110 (Requires 110)




19g 40s


N [110] Close Enough


Complete the lockdown sequence in Oculeth's Test Chamber.

  • Teleport to the Test Chamber
  • Arcane Coil overcharged
  • Arcane Coil overcharged (4)
  • Mob Warpcaster Thwen slain
  • Speak with Oculeth


We must lock down the facility. Otherwise my esteemed colleagues from the palace could uncover my secrets, which puts any teleporters I build for you and Thalyssra at risk.

<The inactive attunement device near Oculeth hums to life.>

This will take us to my secret test chamber beneath the mountain. From there we can begin the lockdown sequence and make our escape!


You will receive:
Inv misc coin 17.png [Enchanted Nightborne Coin]

You will also receive: 19g 40s


Did we... make it?



On accept:

Chief Telemancer Oculeth says: Go ahead, I am right behind you.

Oculeth has configured the teleporter to switch to Oculeth's Test Chamber. Simply activate it and step on the pad.

Once inside, Oculeth walks to the stairs.
Chief Telemancer Oculeth says: Here were are - my old sanctuary!
Chief Telemancer Oculeth says: Strange... the defenses are offline...

Make your way down to the next room, where Oculeth stops at the bottom of the stairs.

Chief Telemancer Oculeth says: Intruders! How did they get in here?!

Two Nightborne Warpcasters and a Nightborne Enforcer are surrounding the first Arcane Coil. Kill them.

Chief Telemancer Oculeth says: This coil taps into the ancient leylines. Crank it up to full power!

Upon interacting with the coil:

Chief Telemancer Oculeth says: Good. If we overcharge enough coils, the entire system will failsafe into a lockdown.
Chief Telemancer Oculeth says: There are more coils in the chamber below - and more intruders, I imagine.

Indeed, Warpcaster Thwen stands in the lower chamber, as well as more minions around the coils.

Chief Telemancer Oculeth says: Thwen... I should have recognized your uniquely oafish meddling on my network.
Warpcaster Thwen says: My, my. You look rather gaunt, honored teacher. Are you eating enough? Ahahaha!
Warpcaster Thwen says: You should be proud! Your handiwork is going to help us reclaim every corner of our ancient lands.
Thwen lifts off to hover high into the air.
Chief Telemancer Oculeth says: I can deal with Thwen. You overload the coils!
Oculeth and Thwen teleport into the room, hovering above the floor. Firing arcane bolts at each other, they instantly warp to new positions after several moments to attack again.

Kill the mobs around the coils, and interact with them, just like with the first one.

Once you finish, the weakened Oculeth ends up kneeling on the floor. Thwen hovers imperiously before him.

Chief Telemancer Oculeth says: Urgh!
Warpcaster Thwen says: Face it, old man. I have surpassed you.
Chief Telemancer Oculeth says: Good trick... <cough> Warping the space around your body like that.
Chief Telemancer Oculeth says: But what if that space is already unstable?
Before she can react, Oculeth throws up his arms and teleports himself, you and Thwen to The Drift. Thwen's shield fades.
Warpcaster Thwen says: My warp field is not working! Where have you taken us?!
Chief Telemancer Oculeth says: <cough> Unstable... space...

Attack Thwen. Upon depleting her health:

Warpcaster Thwen says: No! This place... it must bend to my will!
Warpcaster Thwen says: An'ratha... an'tal-thandros!
Thwen casts a spell which appears to gather energy to herself, and lifts into the air. Arcane lighting emanates from her, but then the magic backlashes and she dies.
Chief Telemancer Oculeth says: Thwen always took magic too lightly... She was a terrible student... <cough>

Talk to Oculeth.

I am fading fast. Where is Thalyssra?

Gossip Thalyssra is near Meredil. Can you teleport us?

Chief Telemancer Oculeth says: I haven't much left... <cough> I will get us as close as I can... Come close.
Oculeth teleports himself and you near the entrance to Shal'Aran and collapses.


  1. N [110] Oculeth's Workshop
  2. N [110] The Delicate Art of Telemancy
  3. N [110] Network Security
  4. N [110] Close Enough
  5. N [110] Hungry Work
  6. N [110] Survey Says...

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