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NeutralNew Allies

10 (Requires 1)




3s 50c


N [10] A New Fate


Return to the Temple of Five Dawns. A cart is waiting near the Wreck of the Skyseeker to take you there.


<Name>, I did what had to be done. And the plan worked. Things could have been much worse had we not acted. I only wish Aysa could understand that.

There will be plenty of time for reflection, but for now, we need to return to the Temple of Five Dawns. We need to let them know that Shen-zin Su has been saved, and we need to sort out the fates of these new allies.


You will receive: 3s 50c


It is good to see you again, <name>. You've done all that I've asked of you and more... you have saved Shen-zin Su.

You make an old master proud.


The aftermath post-healing at the crash site

The wound has been closed and it appears that Shen-zin Su will make it, if he can survive the Alliance—Horde fight that is about to break out...

Korga Strongmane says: I bear your presence only as a kindness to our new allies. Don't push me, human.
Delora Lionheart says: Stand down, tauren, before I put you back in chains.

Run past Delora Lionheart's and Korga Strongmane's crews staring at each other to find a Delivery Cart that will take adventurers back to the Temple of Five Dawns.

Delivery Cart Tender says: Hello friend! You're welcome to use my cart if you like. It will take you to the Temple of Five Dawns.

Back at the temple, somehow Delora and Korga have both made it back ahead of the cart; Aysa and Ji stand with them. Speaking with Aysa and Ji reveal how their respective philosophies have influenced the path they each must choose:

Aysa Cloudsinger

I understand that the mind of the Tushui is not the only path to wisdom, but there are yet choices that should not be accepted. Risks that are too dangerous to ever be taken. Decisions that I cannot forgive…

It is time for me to leave Shen-zin Su. I have found respect for Delora Lionheart for her confidence and valor, and her tales of the Alliance speak well of her people. I do not yet know if I will find a home there, but wherever my path may lead, I will find a way to help the world beyond this isle.

Despite everything, I've enjoyed what little time we've had together, <name>. I hope that you might join me, but I understand that this decision is not an easy one.

Ji Firepaw

This day seems to be one full of hard decisions. Having the courage to make them is gravely important, for the sake of us all. I did what I had to do, and we may have all been doomed if I had not… but sadly, not all see it that way.

It is time for me to leave Shen-zin Su, that those here might be free from the burden of my difficult choice, and that I might fight on for the sake of a much larger world.

I've only known Korga a short time, but he and I could be brothers if he were born in a different skin - he possesses bravery and honor that I would gladly stand beside. You too could be my <brother/sister>, after all we've been through together. I'm hoping you might join us, but I understand that there is much to consider.


  1. N [9] Bidden to Greatness
  2. N [9] Preying on the Predators & N [9] Stocking Stalks
  3. N [9] Wrecking the Wreck
  4. N [9] Handle With Care & N [9] Evil from the Seas
  5. N [9] Urgent News
  6. N [9] None Left Behind & N [9] Medical Supplies & N [9] From Bad to Worse
  7. N [9] An Ancient Evil
  8. N [9] Risking It All
  9. N [9] The Healing of Shen-zin Su
  10. N [10] New Allies
  11. N [10] A New Fate

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