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Intro Fly-thru and Starting Areas

Intro Fly-thru

After you choose the starting details of your character, you will be given what looks like a cinematic based on your race with a voice-over giving some background history of the race. This is actually a real-time fly-thru in the game and you will see actual players moving around if you look carefully, and you may get a glimpse of some combat. The fly-thru usually starts at a capital city and flies through parts of the country-side to your starting area.

Starting Areas

Each of the thirteen races has its own unique starting area:

Horde Crest Horde
Neutral Neutral
  • Pandaren: The Wandering Isle. The Isle is a massive island on the back of a giant turtle that wanders the oceans, inhabited by curious pandaren.
Alliance Crest Alliance

Some of these starting zones are "instanced", meaning that for story reasons you'll be presented with a unique personal view of the area, and temporarily separated from other players. The Worgen, Goblin and Pandaren starting zones are only available to players of the appropriate race, and only at early levels, until story progression renders those areas unreachable.

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