Night of the Wilds

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NeutralNight of the Wilds

110 (Requires 110)






N Hunter [110] A Golden Ticket


Ask the Herald of Odyn to take you to the Fields of the Eternal Hunt.


<The letter is written in a flowing, golden script. You can practically hear Odyn's booming voice speak the words as you read it.>

The Night of the Wilds is upon us.

Tonight, we will feast in honor of the beasts of legend, and they will rise once more in the Fields of the Eternal Hunt.

One among us will set out into the fields to put their spirits to rest once more.

My herald awaits you, hunter, if you will join us.


The following will be cast on you:
Inv huntermount.png [Huntmaster's Loyal Wolfhawk]

You will also receive: 19g 40s


<An empty saddle sits here, as if it is waiting for your new companion.

You feel a warm kinship with the beast as you recall your meeting. You know what you must do to call the Wolfhawk. You put your fingers to your lips...>



The herald awaits you outside of the lodge.

Herald of Odyn
Odyn and the greatest of his hunters await your presence at the Fields of the Eternal hunt[sic].

Gossip I am ready to attend the feast.

Stage 1: The Hunt Begins

  • Stag spirit hunted
  • Worm spirit hunted
  • Cat spirit hunted
  • Owl spirit hunted
The camera pans in from the night sky at the Fields to the forest below, where Odyn is speaking to the feast celebrants.
Odyn says: The Night of the Wilds is upon us once more, friends.
Odyn says: On this evening, the spirits of the great beasts of legend rise in these very fields.
Odyn says: One among us has been chosen to enter the darkness.
Odyn says: To hunt the noble spirits and return them to their honored rest.
Odyn says: Raise your steins to the Huntmaster, our hunter of beasts!
Odyn says: Let the feast begin!

The cutscene ends and you now have control of your character.

Odyn says: Once you have eaten your fill, hunter, depart the table and enter the wilderness. Your prey awaits!

Before heading out, make sure you have [Track Beasts] active and have taken advantage of the provided food and drinks for their buffs.

Odyn says: Finding these clever beasts will not be easy, but a true hunter is a master of tracking.

The owl spirit should be the first beast you locate, as she is right outside the feasting area.

Odyn says: Habrok, the great owl, perches above you. All beasts once feared her talons, and hid during the night from her keen vision.

Avoid the whirlwind AoE and slay Habrok.

Odyn says: Ranulf of the Screaming Abyss triumphed over Habrok in life. The spirit of Ranulf is with the hunter!

The cat spirit will also be nearby.

Odyn says: Ketlingr, the great cat, drinks before you. A lithe, fierce predator, many learned to fear her fangs and claws!

Avoid the frontal cone of AoE and kill Ketlingr.

Odyn says: Ketlingr was slain by Tor of of the Brutal Siege. The spirit of Tor is with the hunter!

From Ketlingr's location, follow the trail leading northeast on the map and keep an eye out for a cave, where the worm spirit will be.

Odyn says: You follow the trail of Garos, the great worm. Many are her children, and deep are her tunnels.

Garos doesn't have any special abilities you should avoid, so you are free to focus on bringing her down.

Odyn says: Garos was brought here by Bjorn of the Black Storm. The spirit of Bjorn is with the hunter!

Leave the cave and turn right. Follow the border of the area until you locate the stag spirit on a short overlook.

Odyn says: Hyrtir, the great stag, emerges! Swiftest of the beasts, with horns sharpened to a spear's point! Luck be with you, hunter!

Avoid Hyrtir's Wild Bellow AoE, which disorient you if caught within it.

Odyn says: Hyrtir was first pursued by Haldor of the Rocky Cliffs. The spirit of Haldor with the hunter!

Stage 2: Night of Claw and Talon

  • Hawk spirit hunted
  • Wolf spirit hunted
Odyn says: The spirits hold you in high regard, Huntmaster! The most renowned predators of all our legends have emerged. This is truly the grandest Night of the Wilds I have ever witnessed!

Vetholnir will be nearby, flying in a pattern in the area. Avoid any AoE and slay the hawk. Fereki is inside a cave in the southwestern corner of the Fields. Like Hyrtir, the wolf has the disorienting AoE Wild Bellow that you should avoid.

Stage 3: Haukenulfnir

  • Wolfhawk defeated
Odyn says: What is this? A most rare and remarkable spirit has come forth, one that has not graced these fields for countless ages.
Odyn says: It is Haukenulfnir, who stalked the wilds when the world was new!
Odyn says: She senses your predatory prowess and kinship with beasts. She will test you, hunter, if you approach her.

Haukenulfnir is close to the cave outside. Her pounce is essentially unavoidable due to her large hit box, but the stun lasts only a couple seconds and the damage is light. What you do need to be mindful of are the cyclones and, once more, the disorienting AoE.

Final Stage: Revel the Night Away

Return to Odyn and feast the night away.

  • Revelled the night away
Haukenulfnir channels energy into the hunter adventurer, her size decreasing to something more reasonable.
Odyn says: She has found you worthy. The spirit of Haukenulfnir is with the hunter!
Odyn says: With her sporit now bound to yours, the children of Haukenulfnir will answer your summons in the mortal world.
Odyn says: Now come back to the fire, good hunter, and let us feast the night away!
What a hunt! This, out here, is the true spirit of the wilds. Let us revel the night away and leave our cares for the morning!

Gossip <Revel the night away and awake in Trueshot Lodge.>

Odyn yells: Let us feast then! To the Night of the Wilds! To the great beasts! To the Huntmaster!
The adventurer starts dancing, and their vision gradually becomes blurred...


  1. N Hunter [110] A Golden Ticket
  2. N Hunter [110] Night of the Wilds


The are several famous attendees at the feast: the four vrykul kings, Ranulf, Tor, Bjorn, and Haldor. Fenryr is relaxing behind Bjorn, enjoying a large bone. Last but not least is the Wild God Ohn'ahra herself, perched on the canopy above Ranulf.



<An empty saddle sits here, as if it is waiting for your new companion.

You feel a warm kinship with the beast as you recall your meeting, and you know what you must do to call the Wolfhawk. You put your fingers to your lips...>

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