Nightglaive the Traitor

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This article is about the mob in Azsuna. For the character biography, see Cyana Nightglaive.
MobNightglaive the Traitor
Image of Nightglaive the Traitor
Title <Felsworn>
Gender Female
Race Night elf (Demon)
Level 98 - 110 Elite
Health 994,000 - 6,740,000
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion
Former affiliation(s) Illidari
Location Traitor's Overlook, Azsuna [35.2, 52.4]
Status Killable

Nightglaive the Traitor is a night elf demon located at Traitor's Overlook in Azsuna.


  • Basic melee
  • Ability demonhunter immolation.png  Fel Cinders — Engulf yourself in flames, causing Fire damage to enemies and radiating every sec for 12 sec. Instant cast. Can be dispelled.
  • Ability rogue envelopingshadows.png  Carrion Beam 60 yd range — Inflicts Shadow damage to enemies in front of the caster, reducing their healing received by 10% for 6 sec. This effect stacks. 2 sec cast. 5 sec coooldown.
  • Spell fire felflamering.png  Fel Binding 10 yd range — Inflicts Fire damage to all enemies within 10 yds and chains them to the ground for 10 sec. 3 sec cast.
  • Spell fire felfire.png  Rain of Chaos 60 yd range — Call forth a rain of chaos, inflicting Fire damage to enemies within a target area. 2.5 sec cast. Interruptible.


Nightglaive the Traitor says: Yes, my mistress...
Nightglaive the Traitor says: But, I was promised...

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