Nightmare in the Tomb

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NeutralNightmare in the Tomb
Start Yuuri [52.1, 38.8]
End Exarch Maladaar [55.7, 67.7]
Level 96 (Requires 95)
Category Talador
Experience 16350
Rewards Item level 558 boots
13g 80s
Previous B [96] Powering the Defenses
Next A [96] Light's Rest


Investigate the ritual in the Tomb of Souls.


Down there... horrible... bodies everywhere...

Dark ritual... please... you must stop it...

On accept:

Yuuri slowly gets up and then flees the tomb.


You will receive one of:

Item level 558 boots
Inv plate draenorquest90 b 01boot.png [Sha'tari Keeper Warboots] Inv boot cloth draenorquest90 b 01.png [Auchenai Keeper Treads]
Inv mail draenorquest90 b 01boot.png [Sha'tari Deadeye Sabatons] Inv boot leather draenorquest90 b 01.png [Talador Sentinel Boots]

You will also receive: 13g 80s


<Name>, you do not look well. What happened down there?


If this Teron'gor gains control of Auchindoun, the results would be catastrophic!

We must stop him before his power grows!


  • 16350 XP


In the Tomb of Lights for N [96] We Must Construct Additional Pylons, Yuuri calls out for help and offers this quest:

Yuuri says: P-please... somebody... anybody...

Head through the door Yuuri was at, downstairs. In the lower hall:

Teron'gor yells: Tagar, destroy the intruder! These souls are nearly mine!

A few sets of Felguard Protectors stand between the doorway and Tagar Spinebreaker. Take them all out.

Teron'gor yells: Fool! Auchindoun will be mine. Every soul I consume grows my power. You face the wrath of a power greater than you can possibly imagine.


  1. A [95] Speaker for the Dead / H [95] The Lady of Light
  2. Complete all of:
    1. B [96] Powering the Defenses
    2. N [96] We Must Construct Additional Pylons & N [96] Nightmare in the Tomb
  3. A [96] Light's Rest / H [96] Sunsworn Camp
  4. Complete all of:
  5. B [96] Scheduled Pickup
  6. N [96] Restalaan, Captain of the Guard
  7. N [96] The Final Piece
  8. N [96] Changing the Tide
  9. N [96] Desperate Measures
  10. N [96] Into the Heart of Madness
  11. B [96] Destination: Unknown
  12. N [94] Together We Are Strong
  13. B [96] Come Together

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