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Nisha (dread raven)

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For the vulpera character, see Nisha.
Not to be confused with Misha, Mishi, or Mishka.
Image of Nisha
Title Rexxar's Mount
Flight Master
Gender Female
Race Dread raven (Beast)
Level 94
Health 63,226/790,325
Location Sulfur Basin/Breaker's Crown, Gorgrond
Status Alive

Nisha is Rexxar's dread raven companion.


<Nisha bobs her head at you, affection showing in her great glowing blue eyes.>

Gossip Show me where I can fly.

N [93] Fair Warning

Gossip Ride Nisha to Fissure of Fury.



  • Nisha is the flight point at Breaker's Crown.
  • In Legion, the main universe Rexxar rides a dread raven just like his alternate universe counterpart in Warlords of Draenor. It's unclear if this raven is also meant to be Nisha.

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