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This article is about the debuff. For the Isle of Conquest subzone, see Isle of Conquest No Man's Land. For the TCG ability card, see No Man's Land (Fields of Honor).
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  • No Man's Land
  • You are where you should not be...

No Man's Land is a debuff when the player goes into an area the developers considers "off limits" to characters.

Sometimes this is an intentional buff, such as in the The Burning Crusade beta test, players who attempted to get within Blade's Edge Mountains or Shadowmoon Valley were teleported out.

After patch 2.1.2, this teleports players out of areas that are off-limits, such as Mount Hyjal before Cataclysm.

In patch 4.0.3a this buff is seen by players trying to complete the quest B [49] The Secrets of Uldum, possibly because it was incorrectly reporting the Ruins of Uldum to be off-limits to players.

Rumours of getting auto-reported after gaining the No Man's Land debuff are unverified.

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