No Reason to Stay

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NeutralNo Reason to Stay
Start Silgryn
End Silgryn
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Suramar
Experience 16450
Rewards 19g 40s
Previous N [110] Crackdown
Next N [110] Regroup


Evacuate survivors in the Waning Crescent and Siren's Vigil.


Elisande's purge of the Waning Crescent came so swiftly that few could react. Many of my people are dead or taken.

Some may have endured this atrocity. We need to make sure they are not left behind.

I need you to search the houses nearby for any survivors. See that they flee before they are discovered. Reassure them that there is no reason to stay.

Not here, not while Elisande's insanity reigns.


You will receive: 19g 40s
Inv staff 16.png [Aoire's Crook]


Did you find anyone?


I see you managed to find some survivors. Good, that is a weight off my mind.



Upon approaching Master Devlyn:

Master Devlyn says: Where is it? The master's vase?

Click on the Master's Vase lying in the corner of the room.

Master Devlyn says: Oh, thank you! This masterpiece is worth my life a hundred times over.

Upon talking to Eneas:

T-they gave us no warning. Lunette- my children! Ugh...

Gossip You need to get out of here. It isn't safe!

I cannot leave without my children! They must be hiding...
Please, find them!

The two children, Brigitte and Emille, are upstairs.


M-mother told me t-to hide.

Gossip Your father is waiting for you downstairs- hurry!

Brigitte says: I'm going!


I heard screaming! I'm scared!

Gossip Your father will help you get to safety. Go downstairs now!

Emille says: Father!!

Return to Eneas:

Gossip Eneas, you need to go now.

Eneas says: Praise all that is good... you are both safe. Come, let us get out of here!

Upon approaching Scarleth:

Scarleth spits on the corpse of the demon.
Scarleth says: I told him not to take one step closer.

Upon talking to Scarleth:

Disgusting demonic filth will not lay a hand on my girls.

Gossip It looks like you have things handled, Scarleth. You and your girls should leave while you have a chance.

Scarleth says: I know where to find Shal'Aran. Come, ladies. We are no longer safe in the city.

Scarleth and her girls run out.

Upon approaching Thorvos:

Thorvos says: Get up! We must leave!

Upon talking to Thorvos:

My son was injured in the chaos... I have not been able to move him. Please, help us!

Gossip I will protect you both. Let's go!

Thorvos says: Behind you!

A Duskwatch Punisher enters the house and attacks.

Duskwatch Punisher says: You think you can hide from Elisande? Die, traitors!

Upon killing the Duskwatch Punisher:

Valanth says: F-father... Run...
Thorvos says: I am right behind you! Go!

Both run out.


  1. N [110] Insurrection (optional)
  2. N [110] One Day at a Time
  3. N [110] Silence in the City
  4. N [110] Crackdown
  5. N [110] Answering Aggression & N [110] No Reason to Stay
  6. N [110] Regroup
  7. N [110] The Way Back Home
  8. N [110] Visitor in Shal'Aran

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