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The nobles of Lordaeron are the ruling class of the Kingdom of Lordaeron.

Noble families

House of Menethil

Name Status Occupation
IconSmall Terenas.gif King Terenas Menethil II Deceased Former King of Lordaeron. Father of Arthas and Calia Menethil. Killed by his son.
IconSmall Human Female.gif Queen Lianne Menethil Deceased Queen of Lordaeron. Wife of Terenas.
IconSmall Arthas.gifIconSmall ArthasDK.gif Prince Arthas Menethil Deceased Prince of Lordaeron. Former Lich King. Killed by Ashen Verdict.
IconSmall Calia.gif Princess Calia Menethil Undead Princess of Lordaeron. Now a landless priestess along with Alonsus Faol


Name Status Occupation
IconSmall DeathKnight.gif Baron Rivendare Unknown Baron of Stratholme and father of Aurius Rivendar. Former leader of the Scourge in Stratholme. Leader of Four Horsemen.
IconSmall Human Male.gifIconSmall DeathKnight.gif Lord Aurius Rivendare Undead Former Paladin of Silver Hand. Lord of the Scourge in Stratholme.

House of Barov

Name Status Occupation
IconSmall HumanDeathKnight Male.gif Lord Alexei Barov Undead Owner of Caer Darrow, Brill, Southshore, and Tarren Mill. Former Scourge's death knight. Spirit fighting to free his House.
IconSmall Cultist Female.gif Lady Illucia Barov Deceased Wife of Alexei Barov. Necromancer of Scourge.
IconSmall Undead Male.gif Alexi Barov Undead Member of the Horde.
IconSmall Human Male.gif Weldon Barov Alive Member of the Alliance.
IconSmall Cultist Female.gif Jandice Barov Deceased Teacher of Advanced Illusions.


Name Status Occupation
IconSmall Tirion.gif Tirion Fordring Deceased Paladin of the Silver Hand. Former lord of Mardenholde Keep. Highlord of the Argent Crusade.
IconSmall Human Female.gif Karandra Fordring Deceased Wife of Tirion Fordring. Former lady of Mardenholde Keep.
IconSmall Taelan.gif Taelan Fordring Deceased Son of Tirion Fordring. Former paladin of the Silver Hand. Lord of Mardenholde Keep. Highlord of the Scarlet Crusade.


Name Status Occupation
IconSmall Garithos.gif Baron Othmar Garithos Deceased Grand Marshal of New Alliance. Killed by Varimathras.
IconSmall Human Male.gif Baron Garithos Deceased Last owner of Blackwood. Father of Othmar Garithos. Killed by orcs.


The RPG Icon 16x36.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Name Status Occupation
IconSmall Human Male.gif Duke Falrevere Alive Former noble of Lordaeron. Pirate lord of the Bloodsail Buccaneers.
IconSmall Human Female.gif Unnamed wife Unknown Former wife of Falrevere and mother of Jessi and Magrann.
IconSmall Human Female.gif Jessi Falrevere Alive Daughter of Duke Falrevere. Commodore of the Bloodsail Buccaneers.
IconSmall Human Male.gif Magrann Falrevere Deceased Son of Duke Falrevere. Pirate of the Bloodsail Buccaneers.


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Lord Agrovane is presumably from Lordaeron.