Nodd Codejack

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AllianceNodd Codejack
Image of Nodd Codejack
Title <SI:7>
Gender Male
Race Gnome (Humanoid)
Level 85
Health 158,000
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) SI:7
Occupation Engineer
Location Jade Forest
Status Alive
Relative(s) Nimm

Nodd Codejack is a gnome member of the SI:7 who was tasked by King Varian Wrynn to find the White Pawn in Pandaria. After the Skyfire arrived in the Jade Forest, he immediately began helping with eliminating the Horde presence stationed there. Some time later, he decoded Anduin's journal that helped reveal more about his whereabouts.

Nimm and Nodd were later out in a submarine when the Horde attacked Lion's Landing.[1]


Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.



You need something built or broken? Stripped or soldered? Cracked or cobbled? You've come to the right engineer.

  • Only thirty gyrocopters? We are going to need way more than that before this is over.
  • 13 gyromantic destabilizers? Check. 10 gnumatic flangegrips? Check. Now where did I put my favorite wrench?
  • Hmm. Only 2 tons of explosives for this mission? Seems a bit light to me. This seems like the kind of mission we are going to need way more explosives for. Like... goblin pyromaniac explosives.

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