Nook of Konk

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Nook of Konk

The Nook of Konk[31, 32] is a small cave located along the Ascent of Swirling Winds behind some ancient mogu ruins in the Jade Forest.

Konk, a minor leader of the Forest Hozen calls the nook home.

After Konk is killed, Zin'Jun dies and the surviving Horde attack force members: General Nazgrim, Sergeant Gorrok, Rivett Clutchpop, Shademaster Kiryn, and Shokia leave Honeydew Village to make their way into the cave, making it a temporary base. Merchant Zin follows them waiting outside the cave.


  • While the Horde control the cave:
  • After the Horde group moves on, the area phases back to having Konk inside.

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