Northgate rebels

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NeutralNorthgate rebels
Darius Crowley.jpg
Main leader IconSmall Darius.gif Darius Crowley
Secondary leaders IconSmall Human Female.gif Lorna Crowley
Race(s) HumanHuman Human
Theater of operations Gilneas
Language(s) Common
Affiliation Independent
Status Became worgen, formed the Liberation Front, and rejoined with Greymane

The Northgate rebels were a group of Gilnean rebels formed sometime after the construction of the Greymane Wall.

The rebellion was led by Lord Darius Crowley: a powerful Gilnean nobleman who had opposed King Genn Greymane's decision to wall off and abandon his land and people with the Greymane Wall, and his continued refusal to aid the Alliance too. The Northgate Rebellion erupted in Gilneas following Greymane's refusal to aid Lordaeron and their fall to the undead in the Third War. As such Crowley and his men were labeled as terrorists and traitors. The fighting was particularly bitter because Crowley and Greymane had been good friends; despite Crowley's insurrection, Greymane laid no blame on Crowley for his actions, as his lands (referring to Pyrewood Village and Ambermill) were separated from the rest of Gilneas and were vulnerable to the Scourge.[1]

Lord Crowley had smuggled cannons into Gilneas City: into the cellar of the house of Josiah Avery, for use in the rebellion. Before he could put them to use however, Crowley was arrested and incarcerated in Stoneward Prison. At some point after this, the worgen invaded Gilneas, laying waste to a land already heavily affected by a bitter civil war. With the situation grim, King Greymane orders Crowley and his lieutenants released, and the Northgate rebels rejoin their Gilnean brethren to stand united against the tide. The two old friends mend their differences, ending any hope of the rebellion returning.

Lord Crowley and the Northgate rebels made a last stand at Light's Dawn Cathedral to buy time for Greymane to lead the citizens of Gilneas City to safety. As a result, Crowley and those of his men who were not killed were afflicted by the worgen curse, resulting in the fall of Gilneas City to the worgen.

Related organizations

Crowley was a known supporter of the Alliance, having sent the Gilneas Brigade to aid Lady Jaina Proudmoore following the fall of Lordaeron. It was this action that had been the final straw, having gone directly against Genn's orders to not aid the Alliance, and sparked the rebellion.[2]

Following the invasion of Gilneas, Crowley and his men formed the Gilneas Liberation Front, mostly composed of worgen (both rebel and patriot). They were a key factor in reclaiming the mainland of Gilneas.




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It was presumably named for the Northgate Woods or Northgate River, regions of Gilneas near the wall.