Northwatch Expeditionary Unit

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AllianceNorthwatch Expeditionary Unit
Northwatch Hold in Cataclysm.jpg
Main leader IconSmall Dwarf Male.gif Force Commander Valen (presumed)
  Formerly IconSmall Human Male.gif Admiral Aubrey †
Secondary leaders

IconSmall Human Male.gif Rear Admiral Hartley
IconSmall Human Male.gif Captain Grunwald

IconSmall Human Male.gif Lieutenant Palliter
Race(s) HumanHuman Human
DwarfDwarf Dwarf
Capital Northwatch Hold (presumed)
Theater of operations Durotar, Barrens, Stonetalon Mountains, Azshara

The Northwatch Expeditionary Unit[1] is a group of sailors and soldiers sent from Northwatch Hold and Theramore to attempt to gain a further stronghold into Kalimdor. They've been spotted in Durotar, the Barrens, Azshara and the Stonetalon Mountains. They are recognizable by their Theramore Tabards.

The day before the Cataclysm, Alliance forces streamed out of Northwatch and marched up the Gold Road, besieging Crossroads as dusk fell. Then, in the heart of the night, they force-marched southward, leaving their campfires burning behind in order to surprise attack Honor's Stand at dawn's first light.[2] After the Cataclysm a small group called the Northwatch Expeditionary Force attempted to gain a foothold in Durotar,[3] while Northwatch's forces expanded to the Stonetalon Mountains to help Theramore open up a supply line to the night elves.[4]

They have also begun preventing vessels flying Horde colors access to the nearby neutral port, Ratchet.[5]

Command structure

Northwatch Expeditionary Unit


Northwatch Expeditionary Force

It wasn't until the Cataclysm that members of Northwatch proved a menace to the citizens of Durotar. Believing the Cataclysm had distracted the Horde, the Northwatch Expeditionary Unit dispatched in two prime locations, Tiragarde Keep and the Northwatch Foothold (previously known as Kolkar Crag). Even a small group has invaded the Valley of Trials. Some were captured.




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