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NeutralThe not-living
Main leader
Theater of operations


The not-living were undead proto-dragons created by Galakrond after he cannibalized them and absorbed their life essence. Seemingly a by product of the mutated Galakrond, the not-living quickly attacked any living proto-dragon who adventured too close. It was noticed that proto-dragons that were bitten by them would developed a hunger that would cause them to act like Galakrond and try to devour their living companions.

After Talonixa led a proto-dragon army to kill Galakrond, it was discovered that the not-living were in fact commanded by the monstrous fiend. While the proto-dragon was able to kill a great deal of not-living present, the not-living served their purpose in battle by bringing the army to Galakrond who emerged from beneath the earth and shattered the army as they scattered and many like Talonixa were killed.

Following the future Aspects attacking him with Watcher Tyr Galakrond sent out his minions to hunt them down. At the same time his ever growing hunger caused Galakrond to devour the not-living as they were the only ones that didn't hide from the great behemoth. Galakrond's hunt would come to an end when the future aspects would engage him and he would unleash his remaining not-living minions against them. Over the course of the battle Malygos and Neltharion en route in transporting a huge jagged stone in Galakrond mouth would be noticed by the not-living and determined ensure that the plan would work Neltharion broke off and engaged the not-living in battle.

As Galakrond struggled to dislodge the rock that blocked his air way his control over the not-living was shattered and they began to battle one another. In the end, Galakrond would die when Neltharion blasted one of the not-living down his mouth in order to smack the boulder further into his body. As the future aspects had the time to check that Galakrond was dead, it would seem the remaining not-living were destroyed during the final battle either when their master died, when they fought one another, when they were attacked by Neltharion or by a combination of the three.[1]