Not a Bug (Alliance)

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AllianceNot a Bug

80 (Requires 77)


22050 or 13g 23s at 80

For the daily quest version, see A [80 Daily] Not a Bug


Thassarian, aboard the Skybreaker, wants you to collect 5 [Dark Matters] and summon a Dark Messenger at Aldur'thar.

Provided Item:

 [Rod of Siphoning]


Alright, <friend/missy>, time to plant a bug.

Relax, it's not a bug exactly, but it'll serve our purposes.

In the the northern portion of Aldur'thar the cult's Void Summoners enslave demonic minions. Use this rod to siphon the dark matter from the corpses of these Enslaved Minions, and then use their summoning crystal to bring our little spy into being.

Until it is discovered, the messenger will serve as our eyes and ears, discreetly observing the actions of our enemy.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv shoulder 72.png [Mantle of the Dark Messenger] Inv gauntlets 07.png [Gilly's Strangulation Gauntlets]
Inv gauntlets 28.png [Chain Gloves of the Demonic Minion] Inv pants plate 10.png [Legplates of the Northern Expedition]
Inv belt 33.png [Gutbuster of Aldur'thar]

You will also receive: 7g 40s


Yes, <class>?


You have done well, <class>.

The messenger has already turned up some valuable information.


  • 22050 XP or 13g 23s at level 80


The warlocks and voidwalkers are in the northeast portion of Aldurthar and the summoning crystal is towards the center of the north end of the gate at [53.8, 33.6]

To collect the dark matter, you must select the Enslaved Minion's corpse and use the provided Rod of Siphoning. Two very common things can keep you from collecting the dark matter.

  • opening another corpse before collecting the dark matter from the enslaved Minion.
  • killing another mob before collecting the dark matter.

That is, to successfully collect the dark matter, you have to kill the summoner, then kill the minion, then use the rod. You can open the minion's corpse without losing the ability to successfully use the rod.

While this is not likely to be the behavior Blizzard intended, this may still be "not a bug"...


There is a slight Easter Egg in this quest. The terms "Cannot Reproduce", "Not a Bug" and "Need More Info" are terms used for "states" of a bug tracked in many common software error tracking systems, which is used by Quality Assurance Testers and developers to communicate about bugs written up by the testers. Therefore this is a slight homage to QA Testers throughout the game industry.


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