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Famous weapons from World of Warcraft.

This page contains notable weapons used in Warcraft lore, including those seen in and out of game.

  • The Great Royal Sword of Stormwind - The other sword wielded by Lothar, forged in the name of the Kingdom of Stormwind. When Lothar fell during the Battle of Blackrock Spire, Orgrim Doomhammer shattered the sword with the Doomhammer. However, Lothar's protege Turalyon took up the shattered blade and led the Alliance's forces to victory.
  • Hammer of Twilight - A Hammer forged for Cho'gall by Wildhammer smiths, commissioned by Deathwing and imbued with power of the Old Gods. It's symbolic for Twilight's Hammer clan.
  •  [Shadowmourne] - The "sister blade" of Frostmourne, a weapon created by Darion Mograine and intended to use the combined powers of the sacred and the corrupt to destroy the Lich King. Its prototype weapon,  [Shadow's Edge], was forged from Arthas' discarded hammer,  [Light's Vengeance], combined with primordial saronite and the acidic blood of Professor Putricide's twisted "sons", Festergut and Rotface. The weapon must then consume the souls of the most powerful servants of the Scourge, be infused with unearthly powers, and be adorned with shards of the Frozen Throne to smash through the Lich King's armor.
  • Shalamayne - Blade created from Ellemayne and Shalla'tor when Varian Wrynn and Lo'Gosh fused back into one person; when the two Varians fused, so did the blades. Varian Wrynn still possesses the blade.