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Image of Nurkala
Title <The Hunt Master>
Gender Male
Race Zandalari troll (Humanoid)
Level 35 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Isle of Thunder [44.5, 34.1] / [63.7, 55.9]
Status Killable

Nurkala is the war leader of a war party consisting of Zandalari Firespear, Zandalari Frostspear, Zandalari Prophet, and Zandalari Fleshrender.


Zandalari Firespear
Blazing Thrust 40 yd range — Inflicts 98,049 to 113,950 Fire damage to enemies in a rectangle in front of the caster. 5.52 sec cast.
Zandalari Frostspear
Glacial Spike 40 yd range — Inflicts 98,049 to 113,950 Frost damage to enemies in a rectangle in front of the caster. 4.6 sec cast.
Zandalari Prophet
Healing Touch 40 yd range — Calls upon Nature magic to heal an ally. 2.76 sec cast. Interruptible. Heals for ~118K Nature.
Zandalari Fleshrender
Rend Melee range — Inflicts Physical damage to an enemy every 3 sec for 15 sec. Instant. Ticks for ~3K Physical. Stacks


The firespear and the frostspear only cast their area-of-effect ability and the prophet will chain-cast a heal. Burst down the prophet, then work on Nurkala while getting out of the two areas of effect.

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He is possibly a member of the Zandalari Beast Ward.

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