O'mogg Blackheart

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For the character from the main universe, see Blackheart the Inciter.
MobO'mogg Blackheart
Image of O'mogg Blackheart
Title <Shadow Council>
Gender Male
Race Ogre (Humanoid)
Level 95
Class Warlock[1]
Health 223,314
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Shadow Council
Location Burning Front, Talador[56.5, 62.7]
Status Killable

O'mogg Blackheart is a member of the Shadow Council and aided in stealing the Heart of Auchindoun. While the Auchindoun defenders were able to save the Heart's core, they were only able to retain one of its pieces. To that adventurers are sent to slay O'mogg in order to recover Karab'uun, one of the stolen pieces of the Heart of Auchindoun.

Objective of

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.


The shard is mine. The portal will grow!
Call Abyssal
The Legion will rise! Draenor will be bathed in hellfire!


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Blackheart has one head here, but two heads in the Shadow Labyrinth. It is likely that in the main universe, he was among the ogres granted a second head by Gul'dan, although his appearance in Auchindoun when Ner'zhul and the Horde of Draenor fled from the Alliance Expedition deems this unlikely. Alternatively, it may simply be another difference between the timelines.

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